Araba Ifayemi was born in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria. He came from a family acclaimed to be one of the authorites on Yoruba traditional institutions, a direct descendant of Olutimehin, one of co-founder of the city of Osogbo. He began his priesthood training at age four.

He received his formal education through correspondence courses. His parents insisted on his proper grounding in the traditional institution and culture through his apprenticeship with renowned priests of that time. 

Araba Ifayemi is a poet, performing artist, play wright, herbalist and practising babalawo (ifa priest). 

He has published several books, and scholarly papers on various aspects of Yoruba traditional religion and culture.

Araba Ifayemi is also a recording artist with several credits on Yoruba poetic genre known as Ewi. His are mostly social commentaries and parallax snaps cultural philosophy.

His traditional morality drama, Ifa Olokun Asorodayo culled from Odu Ifa, was presented on Nigerian National Television Network popular series.

Yemi is an international scholar in-residence at San Francisco State University in California, USA, where he lectures on African Traditional religion and philosophy.

He is the founder of Ancient Philosophy International, Osogbo, Nigeria a centre dedicated to teach African traditional religion and preforming arts.

He has trained a lot of students and initiated many into the tradition.

Yemi's numerous awards and recognitions include lifetime achievement chieftancy as the Araba of Osogbo, a title that elevated him to a venerated position in the priesthood hierarchy.

He has also been honored with a doctorate degree of the Brandice University, USA. He is an associate staff at Institute of Cultural. He was appointed a vice chairman of Board of Traditional Medicine, Osun State. He is also the current president of International Congress of Orisa Tradition and Culture, Nigerian Chapter.

He maintains a botanica and mini-museum at his House of Culture that has become a must stop for visitors to Osogbo for the city's annual Osun Festival. 

Yemi has travelled to many parts of the world at the invitation of organizations, institutions, colleges, and universities and local governments.

1973: Araba Elebuibon travelled with Duro Ladipo to Paris Nancy to perform at festival mudial du theater.

1975: Araba travelled to Brasil to perform Obakoso. Three months lter Araba attened Mel Howord Production of Obakoso and travelled to many parts of the USA.

1977: After the Festac Araba traveled to Brazil on invitationof Opo Axe Afonja in Balia Sauador

1978: Araba Traveled to Miami, Florida on the invitation of Cabli do Babalokun

1980: Ifa Olokun Asorodaya, a weekly Yoruba drama based on Odu Ifa. Presentation of Nigeria Television Authority Ibadan.

1981: The First World Congress on Orisa Tradition and Culture at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile Ife

1982: Araba was invited to San Francico by Wajumbe Cultural Institution.

1983:Ipile Aye, Araba wrote thirteen episodes presentations of drama to BCOS Ile Akede, the drama is mythology of divinities orisa and their misssion on the planet.

1984: Araba traveled to San Francisco for Cultural addition Centre and State University, lecture and spiritual work.

1985: Araba travled to Brazil to attend Kizomba Festival of Arts in Rio De Janeiro and San Paulo

1986: Araba Elebuibon was invited by the National Black Theater (New York) as an artist in residence

1987: Araba taugh African Religion and Philosophy at the San Francisco State University.

1988: Araba visited New York, Chicago, Disney Land Magic Kingdom and Hawaii. A friend of the Araba organized the tour.

1989: Araba Elebuibon presented a new recording of Ewi Baba Oniwogbe Poetry that mirrored the ills of the society.

1989: NAFEST 84 Nigeria Festival of ARts and Cutlure Araba Elebuibon and his Ancient Philosophy International Troupe represented Oyo State Government at the festivaled held at Bauchi State. The troupe performed Yoruba traditional music and recieved the War Award (second prize).

1992: Work lecture tour of USA and attended the Alfia International Conference on Trace in Marakeshi, moroco.

1993: Work lecture tour of US at usual base Wajumbe Cultural Institution and National Black Theater in Harlem, New York. Araba had been invited by both the National Black Theater and Wajumbe Cultural Institution, USA

Araba has traveled to many parts of the world at the invitation of organizations, institutions, colleges, Universities and local Government. Among his many accomplishments are the following books, films, record CD, plays and memberships & Awards:


-Poetry Voice of Ifa

-Apetebii: The Wife of Orunmila

-Adventures of Obatala 1 & 2,

-The Healing Powers of Sacrafice

-Ifa, the Custodian of Destiny

-The Invisible Powers of the Metaphysical World: A Peep Into the World of Witches

-Iyere Ifa (Tonal Poetry, the Voice of Ifa): an Exposition of Yoruba Divinational Chants.

-Irinajo Eda

-Ogota Ewi Ogota Ajodun orikadun, New Series of Works

-Soul Journeys of a Priest in the Wonderland

-Water Spirit of Yorubaland

-Healing Power of the Prayer

-Iku the Fearful Spirit


-Obatala in Praise Documentary: This film demonstrates the propitiation of Obatala his (Oriki) praise name and sacrifice

-Eko Eleko, drama based on Odu Ifa all these from series of weekly presentation of ifa Olokun Asorodayo


-Nnkan mini


-Oore pe...

-Ode Afawon Yanyan

-Afoju di Agba- Esin Abomu

-Adorun Mooto- Igun Dale

-Maforo ya oro- Ebo ju Agba lo -Anikajo pon... Ect.

Record CD

-Eniyan Won


-Elenini Aye

-Aye di Jagba nrudu

-Oroki Asala

-Owonrin Sogbe

-Epe enu won

Membership and Awards

-Member of Rotary Club Osogbo

-Member of Yoruba Centre of Excellence

-Trophy Second Prize Bauch Nafest 89

-Merit Award

-Justice of Peace, Government of Osun State

-Merit Award Osogbo Progressive Union

-Silver Trophy Government of Oyo State by Sasa Eniyan Ore Sanya

-An honourary decorated degree of traditional religion upon the Recomendation (USA 27-7-1993)

Today is elebuibon birthday, happy birthday to this great icon.
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