Brief history about the town 

Offa is an ancient town and headquarters of Offa local Government Area of Kwara state, Nigeria, it is the second largest town in the state, located in central Nigeria with geographic coordinates of 8’9N 4’43E. Offa was founded by “Olalomi Olofa-gangan”, a crown prince from Oyo, and a direct descendant of king Oranmiyan in Ile-ife, around 1395. He was a renowned hunter reputed for his dexterity as an archer. Offa is the traditional headquarters of “Ibolo” dialect of the Yoruba speaking people of kwara and Osun states. Offa local Government area has 5 wards namely; Essa, Ojomu, Balogun, Shawo and Igbo-Idun. Offa is the home of the legendary “Moremi”, who was believed to be responsible for the defeat of the frequent marauders who raided   Ife, an ancient town and cradle of Yoruba race.
The present king is the Olofa of Offa, Oba Alhaji Mufutau Mohammed Gbadamosi Okikiola Esuwoye II. The prominent knighted chiefs of Offa include Esa, Ojomu, Sawo and Balogun. The praise name of Offa is “Ijakadi Loro Offa”. The city mascot is the peacock bird which is one of the most prominent exotic avian species in the region.
The provincial figure for the population of Offa Local Government area by the national population commission (FRN Office Gazette No 24 of May, 2007 government notice) is 89,674 comprising of 46,266 males and 43,428 females. Offa has the reputation of being the home of sweet potatoes. Offa town has always provided a safe haven for all, irrespective of the tribe, place of origin or religion. 
The liberal, peace loving and hospitable nature of the indigenes accounts for the tremendous growth in the population of the immigrants in the town over time. Offa people are highly enterprising and the people engage in farming and commerce. Education is the main industry of Offa people; tertiary institutions in the town include the Federal Polytechnic, Kwara State College of Health Technology and Nigeria Navy School of Health Sciences Science, School of Basic Studies and National Teachers Institute, Lens Polytechnic which is Private Polytechnic and National Open University of Nigeria. There are also two upcoming Private Universities.


There is also a community library which is Offa Township library that was founded by Offa Club 80 in the year 1988 and was unveiled by Professor Jubril Aminu of the federal minister of education and the head of the staff is Mr. Tajudeen Afolabi, the main purpose is to cater for the needs of the community irrespective of age, sex, tribe, religion e .t. c.
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