Biography of Mohammed Miracle the C.E.O of BESTLOADED-NIGERIA

Biography of Mohammed Miracle the C.E.O of Bestloaded-Nigeria.

  Mohammed Miracle, who likes to be called by his business name "BESTLOADED-NIGERIA" or "BESTLOADED" as a short form. He is a native of Arigidi Akoko in the Akoko North West Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria. He was born on 11th of November 1999 (11/11/1999) in Isua Akoko which is his mother's hometown. He was brought up in Isua Akoko, he attended Atlas International Nursery and Primary School, Isua Akoko where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate.
 He then proceeded to St. Gregory's College, Ikare Akoko, he later moved to Victory Academy International, Isua Akoko and finally went to Idogun High School, Idogun in the Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State, where he got his O'Level result.

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   Mohammed Miracle is a Blogger, Web Designer and Consultant. In his research on how to "Make the World easier through ICT", He discovered the Internet will help reach out to the World. He then started his first website (miramedconsult.yu.tl) in 2014 on Mywapblog platform, during his days in class 2 in the Senior Secondary School S.S.S 2. With more and relentless pursuit, he discovered the Blogger platform from a post on Ogbongeblog.com . Without any knowledge of coding, he started bestloadedng.blogspot.com on the 17 of May 2016. He was inspired and motivated by Mr. Osanyingbemi Vincent who was serving as an NYSC member then in his school. Seeing his great motive on ICT, the corp member linked him up with a schoolmate who is a Web Designer, who then designed bestloaded.com.ng with some token. Unfortunately, the site has been suspended since December 16th 2016 ( 3 months after creation ). He never relent his effort on making easier through ICT.

 He was formerly one of the Editor on Naijacrawl.com but due to his commitments in some offline activities on making the world easier through ICT, he quitted in other to avoid instability in his own part on the site.
He is also the brain behind NAIJABESTLOADED. He wrote a comprehensive book titled " Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word". Apart from his online aspect of Making World Easier through ICT, he as well offer some ICT related Services, Training/Seminars on the following areas; Web Design; Video/Film Editing; Solar Electricity Design and Installation and some others. Mohammed Miracle is an honest, loyal and humble person, whose everyday's thinking is on how to make a positive impact in the World through ICT. This desire led to the motto of BESTLOADED-NIGERIA that says "MAKING WORLD EASIER THROUGH ICT".

 You can contact him on 08130608904.
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