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Instructions on how to write for us 


The history you will be sending to us must be properly written by you, we hate copy work, so make sure that history is plagiarism free

   The history should not be less than 500 words and not more than 1500 words depending on the kind of history you are writing.


The biography you will be sending to us must be detailed as it more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationship e.t.c

   It portrays a person's experiences of these life events.

 NOTE : When writing biography that you want to send to us, write it as if you are writing autobiography.

EXAMPLE: I hail from so so town SHOULD BE he hailed from so so town

General instructions 

Your history/biography must be original and must have not pasted or published on any other website or prints

Your use of tone must be friendly.

Cross-check your work for some grammatical errors and get them corrected before sending to us.

Submit your works in words or pdf format via this email

Disclaimer: In As Much We Love To Hear From You, Kindly Note That Opinions Expressed In Comments Are Those Of The Poster Alone And Does Not Reflect Or Represent The Views Of BANKOFHISTORIES Admins And Moderators. YOUR COMMENTS MATTERS ALOT ConversionConversion EmoticonEmoticon

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